• Limited Edition and Bespoke

    Custom made perfumes, created to suit the individual perfumes

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  • Luxury Perfumes

    High concentration Extraits de parfum or Dab-on oil based perfumes

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  • Fabulous Perfumes

    A long lasting affordable scent for every individual

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Welcome to Euphoria Scents

Euphoria Scents; product of Valia Galleries Ltd, was founded in 2015, comprises a range of specially blended, long-lasting perfumes, and aromatherapy products. Team Euphoria Scents deploys hand-crafting production techniques and procedures, engages in efficient quality management, ensures top delivery service, and specializes in research and development for continuous improvements. In this regard our team engages in the finest traditions of perfume production, utilising dedicated production hand-operated tools, and maintaining strict quality control for every production process, which includes incoming material checking, in-process checking, semi-finished products checking and finished products checking. This is meant to eliminate any quality problems during production, and to ensure product quality. Euphoria Scents is NAFDAC Approved and IFRA Compliant.

In addition, we have created other layers of production and marketing guidelines to ensure customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and environmental friendliness. At Euphoria Scents, we have a robust global safety and quality assurance policy and process, including stringent standards for raw materials. We are also committed to the health and safety of our Associates and suppliers. We build trust through openness and accurate labelling in compliance with regulatory guidelines. To ensure that consumers know what ingredients are used in products, as well as how to safely store, use and dispose of them, we provide information concerning our ingredients on our website and directly on the packages.

Strengths: Utilization of Natural Plant-Based products to the exclusion of harmful chemicals. Project Management Customer-centric Operations Good Stakeholder Management Quality Assurance Management

Our products ranges from:


To satisfy our demographic considerations, our perfumes are classified into three distinct bouquets:

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Ambience describes the atmosphere of a place or setting in terms of its mood. Our ambience range is targeted at creating a pleasant, soothing ambience in your homes and offices. The range include: Reed Diffusers; Burning Oils; and Pot Pourri Oils.

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Euphoria Scents oil based perfumes are premium grade oils infused with the best ingredients. They are specially blended to suit all skin and are highly Concentrated perfumes with long lasting fragrances on the skin.

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